Bastardizing the concept of art for over 20 years!
Despite the colorful content on display, I make media for ages 17 and up. I am not your free babysitter, you cannot sue me over your potato-headed kid repeating what I say.
G'day nerds and welcome to my hastily cobbled together HTML mess!
What is this place exactly? I honestly haven't the slightest clue as of now, I made this while I was high. Maybe it can just be a central hub for all the dumb accounts I've made over the years so that it's easier to stalk me browse my junk.
BUT WHO IS BiO-LF (SuperBioMan4) rEALLY?????
Born on May 6, 1937 under a truck somewhere in East Bumblefuck, a lowly peasant known simply as BiO-LF (LF standing for "Light Frost" because is was pretty damn chilly for May) would arise from underneath this rusty vehicle and begin his quest for meaning and purpose on this very Earth.
Fast-forward through a bunch of years nobody would care about and we can see that BiO-LF has found meaning through making stupid pictures about stuff the youth of today either doesn't know about or doesn't care about because its old. It ain't much, but it's at least something.
Did you mean: Super Bio Man 4 (MSX)
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